Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using a professional to find me a rental property?

Why should we use you when we can look on the Domain and Real Estate sites to find a place?

You may not be able to get to the Open for Inspections, you may not know the best way to establish trust with the Property Manager to make your application stand out and you will definitely not know about the properties NOT listed on the public real estate portals that we are sent details of weekly.

How long will it take to find us a home?

The time frame will vary depending on the complexity of your Wish List, location, price and specific requirements. We have found properties within a week for clients, whereas others have taken 4-5 weeks due to certain requirements that were “not negotiable” for the client such as “must have a North facing balcony”.

Will you be able to find us the place we want? Yes. If your Wish List brief and budget is realistic we will find a home for you that you will be happy in. Early in the search we review your Wish List and provide feedback on the place you would like – such as, does it exist in the locations you want, for the amount of rent you want to pay.

How many properties will you look at for us? For the Full Service package as many as it takes to find you the best match for your brief and budget.

How well do you know the market? Having been in the Real Estate Industry for over 6 years.  Wendy is an expert on the Melbourne rental market and is constantly liaising with other industry experts to share market knowledge and trends.

What if we miss out on the property we apply for? Very occasionally this happens. We talk to the Property Manager to find out why and keep looking until we find you a new home.

What happens if I change my mind and want to look in different suburbs? That’s okay if we need to start again. We will negotiate the additional fees based on how much work has already been completed for the original search.

Am I allowed to attend inspections with you? Absolutely! We encourage you to attend if you have the time as we can explain to you the properties good points and not so good points and introduce you to the Property Manager or Leasing Consultant.

Can I send you a list of properties I find? Yes. Many clients have. We will review them and point out if any are not what they appear (10 year old photos, busy road, or a construction site next door for example)

Wendy is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent. Phone me 0466 116 899 to discuss any other questions you may have.